Silencer Mythology

Silencers or Suppressors are NOT illegal, nor have they ever been!  Well some states prohibit them. Silencers are a phenomenal way to enjoy shooting even more. The silencer will eliminate need for hearing protection, significantly reduce recoil and have minimal effect on velocity.  They call it suppressor push and the gasses actually act on the projectile on its way through the can and give you a couple extra fps.  They also have a magical effect on accuracy via stabilization effects of the added weight and improved barrel harmonics.  There is nothing quite like shooting full size rifles that make less noise than your trusty 10/22!  But, we have those too, suppressed!

I WANT ONE - How do I get one?

Let MR SILENCER show you the way.
  • We sell to Arizona residents or Transfer to FFL
  • Consider a gun TRUST to eliminate finger prints and Sheriff sign-off.  Speeds up form approval.
  • We will email you the  necessary paperwork
  • If you can buy a gun you can buy a silencer
  • We will eform to ATF for you after we validate it
  • get your barrel threaded or the proper thread adapters while you wait for your stamp
  • All business by appointment only
  • Face it you have to wait for the ATF anyway
  • Located in Mesa, AZ

What do we recommend?

We can order anything you want, however we are stocking dealers for; Gemtech, AAC, AWC, SRT, Tactical Solutions, Liberty, QSM, SIlencerco Suppressors, Elite Iron, YHM, and more.
How can I own a silencer?
  • Do some research, there are many out there
  • Choose your cans(silencers) or SBR
  • Fill out necessary paperwork or TRUST
  • Each silencer or machine gun requires $200 tax
  • I will run ATF eForm 4's for you
  • Wait for a call that your Paperwork cleared BATFE
  • Current wait is quoted at 6 months (Jan '14)
  • Come in and fill out ATF form 4473
  • Take your new silencer home or to the range!
  • You just went home SILENT.

Why do I need a suppressor?

A few years ago I was involved in a total loss car accident.  I was sitting at a stop light, stopped for 10 seconds, waiting for the light to turn green. I see a bright red flash in my rearview followed by a horrible crumpling smash.  My brand spanking new Subaru WRX STi with merely 1800 miles on the clock was a gonner!  Unfortunately for me, so was my hearing!  The impact caused my skull to bottom out the headrest cushion cutting my scalp right through the padding and bending/breaking the seat in the process.  Now here is where it gets interesting;  in the 2 year process of Insurance fun I learned some valuable insight.  "Wearing ear protection does not fully protect you against hearing loss!"  Apparently the fact that I had always worn ear plugs and headsets did not matter to the ear specialist or the insurance company!  The sound shockwave against the skull (bone conduction) does damage as well.  This was as much of a surprise to me as it is to you.  As a result of this accicent, I am left with moderate to severe hearing loss and severe tinnitis(ringing).  I want to hear my children speak to me for the rest of my life and want to continue one of my favorite hobbies.  BORN OF NECESSITY:  MR SILENCER

What about guns and gear?

I am a SILENCER Dealer who carries some threaded guns.  I am not a gun dealer who happens to have suppressors.  We sell hundreds of NFA items each year and specialize in this and this alone.  If you want us to order in a gun, we will try, but we are not stocking dealers so shop around, let us know what you are looking for and we will make you the best deal possible!  Patience will be rewarded.  BY APPT. ONLY.  If you buy a silencer online there is a $100 transfer fee for me to do all the heavy lifting here in AZ.  Guns are $20

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